Alarm and Emergency services

For fire, accident, rescue or police, call +45 5646 2014 for direct contact to the island’s on-duty officer. There is an officer on duty 24/7/365 who can immediately activate the Christiansø Fire Service.

The Christiansø Fire Service comprises 15-18 trained firefighters; some work for Christiansø Administration and some are resident volunteers.

If you need immediate medical assistance, call +45 2172 0058 for direct contact to the island’s doctor.

Emergency Response Organisation

Patient transport

You can also call 112. Calling 112 will put you in contact with the emergency services for the Capital Region of Denmark. The emergency services will then contact the on-duty officer on the island at +45 5646 2014 to trigger the island’s emergency response.

If it is necessary to rush patients to hospital, they will generally be transported to Bornholm on the island’s service vessel,  Elephanten, then via ambulance to Bornholm Hospital in Rønne.

Patients may also be transported by helicopter if Elephanten is unable to sail or if circumstances require.

Because the transport helicopter is usually based on Zealand, it can take more than 1 hour for the helicopter to reach Christiansø.A type of Christiansø “fire truck”.

A type of Christiansø “fire truck”.