The two towers – Store Tårn and Lille Tårn

You will need a ticket to visit Store Tårn and Lille Tårn. The ticket is valid for admission to both Store Tårn and Lille Tårn.

Where to purchase tickets

Tickets can be purchased at the Christiansø Ferry terminal in Gudhjem, on the ferries, at the kiosk on Christiansø and at the Christiansø tourist office.


Adults: DKK 40 
Children aged 6–15: DKK 20 
Groups (10 people or more): DKK 20 per person.
School camp groups: Admission is included in the ferry ticket.
The local guides sell tower tickets for DKK 25 if you purchase a tour.

Opening hours (every day)

  • 18 Apr–20 May: 8 am–2 pm
  • 21 May–17 Jun: 8 am–4 pm
  • 18 Jun–18 Aug: 8 am–7 pm
  • 19 Aug–18 Sep: 8 am–4 pm
  • 19 Sep–20 Oct: 8 am–2 pm

Store Tårn

Lille Tårn

What are Store Tårn and Lille Tårn?

Ballonen – prison turned youth hostel

The state prison Ballonen was built in 1825 to house Dr Jacob Jacobsen Dampe, a dissident, philosopher and theologian, who spoke out against the king (Frederik VI) and the absolute monarchy.

Opening hours

Free admission and open all year round.

Dampe’s cell

Ballonen is situated on Frederiksø. There is a small exhibition about Dr Dampe on the first floor of the prison building. The exhibition features, among other things, a replica of the cell where he was imprisoned for 15 years.

In 1841, Dampe was transferred to Rønne, where his living conditions were more comfortable. He wasn’t pardoned until 1848 when Frederik VII took the throne. As the first martyr to political liberalism in Denmark, Dr Dampe received an annual government pension for the remainder of his life.

In 2003, a memorial stone was raised outside the prison in honour of Dr Dampe.