Christiansø has its own doctor, who serves as the GP for permanent residents on the island. The doctor is also part of the island’s emergency response in case of accidents, and helps any visitors in need of medical attention while on Christiansø.

Opening hours 

Telephone hours
Tel. +45 2172 0058 
Monday–Friday, 8–9 am

Clinic hours
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, 9–11 am. Tuesday, 4–5 pm

The clinic is located on Christiansø, in the eastern wing on the main street, Gaden, 1st door on the left at the northern end.

If the doctor is out

Medical helpline: 1813

Christiansø is covered by the 24-hour medical helpline for the Capital Region of Denmark: 1813. If you need medical assistance due to injury, accident or sudden illness, call 1813. You can also call 1813 if you are unsure what to do in a medical situation.

Emergency consultation: 4 pm–8 am, Monday–Friday, weekends and holidays

If the doctor is out between the hours of 4 pm and 8 am on Monday–Friday, Saturday, Sunday or a holiday, you can speak to a medical professional/on-call doctor by calling 1813.


Christiansø has its own dental clinic, which is run by Tandlægerne i Østermarie on Bornholm. 
The dental clinic provides both school dental services and ordinary dental services. The dentist comes to Christiansø two or three times a year.


The date and duration of the next visit by the dentist is posted on the bulletin boards on Christiansø and Frederiksø. Islanders can contact the clinic to book an appointment.

You can find the doctor and dental clinic here