Palivaren Gallery

Palivaren at Juuls Bastion on Christiansø is definitely worth a visit in the summer season. If you are lucky you may even get a chance to meet the artists exhibiting and selling their work. Palivaren is Denmark’s smallest gallery and is used primarily for exhibiting art inspired by Ertholmene – produced by both islanders and visitors. Palivaren keeps the island’s art history alive and supports the island’s own artists and artisans by exhibiting art of high calibre and by promoting art expressing all that makes Christiansø unique.

Palivaren’s original function was far from artistic. The shed was originally situated on the harbour at the end of a bridge from the Frederiksø side. Anyone wanting to go ashore had to stop first at Palivaren (from the French parloir or in English parlour – meaning a reception room), where the fortress doctor would check the ship’s crew and passengers for infectious diseases.