The harbour

A safe harbour

Welcome to one of the most beautiful and extraordinary historical harbours in Denmark.

Every year, around 40,000 tourists come here on the Christiansø Ferry, and nearly 2,000 people berth here in their own yachts. The harbour can be accessed from both the north and the south in all weather conditions. 

We look forward to welcoming new as well as ‘seasoned’ yachters to the harbour, and we ask you please to follow the simple rules for staying at Christiansø, which are outlined below.

Dogs and cats may not be brought ashore without prior agreement. 
Special conditions apply for handling lavatory wastewater.


For vessels smaller than 20 tonnes, reservations are not required. There is almost always room.

For vessels larger than 20 tonnes, it is necessary to make reservations well ahead of your arrival.


Harbour Master’s Office

Located near the bridge on the Christiansø side.
The Harbour Master’s office hours are 4–5 pm.

The harbour ticket can be purchased from the ticket machine located on the north-facing wall of the Harbour Master’s Office.

Toilets, showers and laundry facilities

There are toilets on the Christiansø side of the harbour. There are additional toilets on the end wall of the Magasinbygning, the yellow warehouse east of the church.

Showers and laundry facilities are located on the path between the churchyard fence and the Magasinbygning. Payment cards for the showers and laundry facilities can be purchased from the harbour ticket machine. The machine accepts debit and credit cards.

Harbour Rules

  • Anchoring in the harbour is only allowed with the permission of the harbour authorities. 
  •  Swimming in the harbour is prohibited.
  • Sailing and anchoring is prohibited within 100 metres of Græsholm and Tat. 
  • Sailing at speeds above 12 knots is prohibited within 1 nautical mile of Christiansø. The maximum speed within the harbour is 3 knots. 
  • Windsurfing is prohibited. 
  • It is only permitted to go ashore at Christiansø and Frederiksø. 
  • Christiansø Harbour does not receive lavatory wastewater. Help us keep the harbour environment clean – empty your lavatory wastewater at the next harbour. 
  • Filling freshwater tanks is prohibited. Water for daily consumption is available from the public water taps. Washing of dishes at the public water taps is prohibited.
  • Rubbish must be sorted and disposed of in the proper sorting bins located on the quay on Christiansø. Oil and chemical waste will be received by the Harbour Master upon prior agreement. 
  • Due to the fire hazard, all grilling and barbecuing on board is prohibited. 
  • The harbour area must be quiet after 11 pm. 
  • It is prohibited to go ashore with dogs and cats. However, the harbour authorities may grant permission to walk on-board animals on leads in designated areas along the quay.

About the harbour

The harbour is the beating heart of the islands. Without the harbour there would have been no fortress. The natural harbour between Christiansø and Frederiksø is the reason King Christian V chose Ertholmene as the location for his naval fortress in 1684.

The harbour has played host to many dramatic events over the ages, involving soldiers and pirates, trade vessels and sunken ships. Later, fishermen made the harbour a thriving workplace. Today, life is much more idyllic and peaceful in the beautiful and strictly protected harbour surrounded by the ancient fortress and historic buildings.

The training vessel Georg Stage visits the harbour regularly once or twice a year