Business community

There is a handful of small, private businesses on Christiansø and one large business. One of the businesses has a very long history on the island.

Special conditions apply when running a business on Christiansø. Christiansø is owned by the Danish state, and everything on the island is listed with protected status, including all the buildings. Due to the regulations for protected status there are extensive restrictions for new builds and extensions. While it is possible to “move things around”, there is a limit to the space available for businesses on the island. There is also a limit to the number of new businesses that can come to the island, as this requires that there is a vacant property for the type of business in question, and that the business owner resides on Christiansø.

Fishing has always been the dominant industry on Christiansø. However, the fishing industry shut down in 2013 when the last fisherman moved to Svaneke on Bornholm. Today, the primary business sector is tourism.

Find out more about the island’s businesses below

Christiansø Købmandshandel og Gæstgiveri

Christiansø Købmandshandel og Gæstgiveri has existed for more than a hundred years, and comprises a hotel, inn, restaurant, grocer’s and kiosk/grill bar.

Christiansø Købmandshandel og Gæstgiveri plays a key role on the island as the place where islanders do their daily shopping all year round. In the summer months, many current and former islanders work at the inn and in the restaurant. In the peak season, the staff is supplemented by workers from elsewhere in Denmark. During the summer, they typically maintain a staff of 20 to 30.

Visitors to the restaurant experience an interesting touch of history combined with hospitality, island atmosphere and good food.

Charlotte and Stig Hallberg Andersen have held the lease since 2008. 

Opening hours

See the current opening hours at:

Christiansø Gæstgiveri og Købmandshandel
Tel.: +45 5646 2015
Christiansø 10, 3760 Gudhjem

Ruths Kryddersild

Ruths Kryddersild is the only manufacturing company on the island.

The company is based in “Gigskuret” at the harbour on Frederiksø. Rikke and her two full-time employees produce their special pickled herring – in three flavours: spiced, tomato and curry – according to old family recipes. The company was founded in 1967 by Rikke’s mother, Ruth. Rikke took over production in 2011.

The company sells to local residents and to visitors to the island. The spiced variant of their pickled herring is sold throughout Denmark and is featured on the menus of many restaurants.

Opening hours

Monday–Friday, 7 am–4 pm
Saturdays & Sundays: See the sign on the door
Rikke Minna Hansen 
Tel.: +45 5646 2009
Christiansø 49, 3760 Gudhjem
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Butik Lighuset – Tourist Information

Butik Lighuset opened in summer 2016 and also serves as the local tourist office. The name literally means “The Morgue Shop” and comes from the fact that the building was briefly used as a morgue many years ago – and the name has stuck ever since.

There is no doubt of the interests of the shop owners.

Krista Rose Jensen has a passion for yarn and knitting, and sells beautiful, hand-dyed yarns from Fredsminde Unika Design on Bornholm alongside her own knit designs.

Kirsten Søe Buch is a trained clothing designer and also loves artisanal handicrafts. She sews one-off pillows in linen, inspired by the many colours found on Christiansø.

Ejvind Jensen (Krista’s husband) produces sheathed knives and jack-knives made from wood sourced on the island, and Lars Buch (Kirsten’s husband) makes silver jewellery inspired by the island as well as soap made from cold-pressed rapeseed oil from Lehnsgaard Farm.

The shop also sells paintings by Mads Østergaard, who lives on the island, as well as art and reproductions by artists with ties to the island.

Opening hours

Opening hours follow the Christiansø ferry timetable.
The shop is open from May to September.
Tel.: +45 4058 2875 or +45 3032 0911
Christiansø 2, 3760 Gudhjem

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Christiansø Teltplads

Christiansø Teltplads is the island’s campsite and has been run by Laura and Claus Juhl Zafnes since 2018. 

The campsite can best be described as “luxury wilderness camping”. The primary site, Hertugindens Bastion, has room for 14 tents. This is also where the kitchen facilities are, Hertugindens Vaskehus, and the toilet facilities.

During peak season, late-June to early-August, the campsite is extended to make room for 16 tents in Kongens Have.

Visit the campsite’s own website for information on booking, contact details, etc.

Christiansø Glas

Christiansø Glas produces and sells glass art and gift items.

Ana Refsgaard makes jewellery, glass bowls and much more in the little glass workshop. Visitors can also buy handmade Christiansø souvenirs crafted by the artist herself.

Christiansø Glas is the newest business to open on the island. The workshop opened on 1 May 2018.

You can find Christiansø Glas on the main street, Gaden, on Christiansø.

Opening hours

See the opening hours in the window.
Opening hours follow the Christiansø ferry timetable.
The shop is open from May to September.
Tel.: +45 3138 2418
Christiansø 35, 3760 Gudhjem 


Chrøøl is the most easterly microbrewery in Denmark – launched at the grand reopening of Store Tårn on 30 June 2017. The beer is carefully crafted by hand without skimping on the ingredients, resulting in excellent and full-bodied beer.

The brewmasters and owners of Chrøøl are the island doctors – Kirsten Søe Buch and Lars Buch.

Chrøøl does not have its own shop or opening hours but can be purchased at Butik Lighuset and at the inn.

Chrøøl hosts guided beer tours throughout the summer.

Tel.: +45 6465 3246 
Christiansø 2, 3760 Gudhjem 
Visit Chrøøl on Facebook: