Christiansø Administration

Tel.: +45 5646 2013 (weekdays 10 am to 12 noon) Email:

Søren Thiim Andersen, administrator
Tel.: +45 2031 2913 / Email:

Christian Bøgelund Christiansen, deputy manager
Tel.: +45 2022 5603 / Email:

Lene Tysk-Andersen, office assistant
Tel.: +45 5646 2013 / Email:

The office is open on weekdays from 10 am to 12 noon

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About Christiansø Administration

Christiansø holds its very own special status in Denmark in accordance with the Royal Resolution of 1845. Christiansø is not part of a municipality. Instead it is administered directly by the state through the Danish Ministry of Defence. Christiansø Administration is the local authority of the Ministry of Defence, responsible for maintenance and operation of the island, as well as for performing state, regional and local authority tasks.

Christiansø shall be preserved as a vibrant community and a cultural-historical military fortification, with ongoing expansion of public access to these fortifications.

Excerpt from section 12 of the 2019 National Budget Act, Danish Ministry of Defence

Christiansø Administration is responsible for a wide range of services – including local authority services – such as

  • School services
  • Library services
  • Social benefits
  • Public services
  • Domiciliary care
  • Water, heating and power supply
  • Housing administration – for permanent residents and visitors
  • Renovation and maintenance of listed buildings
  • Maintenance of fortifications and ruins
  • Nature stewardship
  • Waste management
  • Harbour operations
  • Tourism and publicity
  • Museum operations
  • Civil registration services
  • Election activities: parliamentary, EU and referendums
  • Fire and rescue services

Christiansø Administration works closely with the Regional Municipality of Bornholm to assist with social service case work, library services, etc.

See the Collaboration Agreement between Christiansø Administration and the Regional Municipality of Bornholm (In Danish) here.

Christiansø Administration is the regional authority for health, hospitals and doctors.

The Administrator is the supreme authority, provides police services on the island on behalf of Bornholm Police, and has the authority to perform marriage ceremonies.