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Reservations required

If you want to be sure to have a place to camp on the island, it is necessary to book a pitch prior to arrival. This is especially true during the peak season, June–August.
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During the peak season the campsite is extended to include the northern section of Kongens Have. Unfortunately, the campsite’s facilities cannot be enlarged. This means that using these facilities, especially the kitchen, requires extra patience during the five-week peak season. The campsite in Kongens Have is not far from the toilets at Vagten near Store Tårn. Campers are also welcome to use these toilets. This same building also houses showers.

Hertugindens Bastion is always filled up first. Campers taking a seasonal pitch will generally be referred to Hertugindens Bastion, while families and smaller tents will primarily be referred to Kongens Have. When making your reservation, you are welcome to indicate where you would like to pitch your tent. However, we cannot guarantee a specific pitch.

NOTE: According to legal and regulatory requirements, there must be a fire break of three metres between the tents. The fire break at Hertugindens Bastion is marked by timber beams. You are welcome to sit or stand on these beams to look over the fortress wall, or use them to put things on, etc. This fire distance requirement also applies in Kongens Have, although the fire break is not marked by beams.