With guide

The local guides offer their services to all arrivals in the summer season

If you want to add an extra dimension to your visit and delve deeper into the island’s history and its stories, we highly recommend taking a tour with one of our local guides.

Join one of the regular tours, which start with each ferry arrival throughout the summer. Our local guides are ready to share with you their vast knowledge about Frederiksø and Christiansø. 
These tours do not require pre-booking. However, you are welcome tell the Christiansø Ferry staff in Gudhjem that you would like to join a tour and they will pass the message on.

Pre-booked tours

It is also possible to book a tour in advance with a theme of your choosing. For example:

  • Bombs, gunpowder and bullets
  • Life on Christiansø – then and now
  • Ertholmene as part of Denmark’s Naturkanon
  • Tours tailored to your specific interests

We guide you around the two islands, sharing stories about island life in the olden days and today. We provide guided tours for schools, associations, businesses and cruise passengers, as well as for private groups.

Tours are also available in English and German.

Tour themes:

Bombs, gunpowder and bullets

The islands have only been massively bombed once. In 1808, bombs and shells rained down on the islands until the English again sailed away from the Baltic Sea. But why attack these idyllic rocky islets? Hear stories about the construction of the fortress from the beginning in 1684, and follow daily life at the fortress until it was decommissioned in 1855.

We take a closer look at life in what was once the strongest naval fortress on the Baltic Sea.

Life on Christiansø – then and now

How did the soldiers live while building the enormous fortress? When did the fishermen arrive? What did they live on and when did the last soldier leave? You will hear about the rough life on the once-desolate islands, about the construction of the powerful fortress, and about the active fishing community that flourished here until the 1990s.

Ertholmene as part of Denmark’s Naturkanon

Nature lives its own life on these islands, from the spring, when flocks of eider move ashore to nest, to the autumn storms that send the cranes and geese across the islands. Gain insights about the conservation-worthy landscape, learn to recognise the birds and enjoy the secret little places where you can catch sight of the island’s natural delights.

Tours tailored to your specific interests

History is everywhere on the islands, and the natural surroundings form a beautiful backdrop. But what do you want to hear about? We would be happy to compose a special tour based on your or your group’s specific interests. A delightful box of assorted chocolates of your choosing.